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Puck's logo design

The first step is always research - I found some inspiration and put together a mini moodboard- it didn't take much this time to get my creative juices flowing!

I sketched out a few ideas and instantly got started on my favorite - I felt it had the most potential for a successful logo. The circular shape, the simplicity, yet fun and fitting of the business. Here is the color palette I chose to go with - making sure to get as close as I could to the pink and teal that the shop is known for.

Here I'm starting on creating a donut in illustrator. 

I used a line setting for the frosting to automatically make some wavy edges. But because I did this, meant I had no easy option to add a stroke. I wanted to try out that look since I felt the donut had no real shape to it. It felt very flat and bland. So, I duplicated each component of the donut, make it slightly larger, changed the color, and set it behind everything else.

Then, of course, it's important to find a typeface that is fitting of the theme and personality of the business. For Puck's I wanted something fun, a little bubbly, and friendly. I liked this bubbly, cursive style typeface.

The final tweaks were adding some sprinkles - because sprinkles make everything better!

I worked with the size, amount, and color of these quite a bit before I was completely happy. I also included a couple other logo variations that in the end, weren't my favorite but might be good for a t shirt or box stamp.

And here's the final product!

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