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The Thinking Cap

Check out the PDF links below to see the various stages of this project! The button directly below directs to Figma where you can view my wireframes for the Thinking Cap App.

This was a more in-depth, research-oriented project that was fun to complete. The task was to brainstorm something new. Something crazy! Something that would solve a problem with new technology at that time.


I thought about how much I had been struggling with my focus and staying on task in the last school year. What if I could solve that somehow? Ta-dah- the Thinking Cap was born. I talked with licensed therapists that dealt with ADHD patients, I read multiple studies and articles online, and I refined the elements of my cap. I found some devices that had a portion of what I wanted the Cap to do - and used info on their technology to inform my own invention. 

Check out the links for my proposal presentation, my project brief,

This link has everything in one PDF.

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