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Trilogy Cover Design

This was one of my favorite projects completed during my undergraduate studies. Tasked with creating a complementary set of cover designs, I included my interest in the Kennedys and designed book covers for an imaginary series.

My process always begins with a bit of brainstorming and research. Sometimes an idea comes directly to me, and I look up keywords to find similar designs to match that vision. Sometimes I need a little extra inspiration to get me started, so I just do some browsing, in person and online, to find designs that catch my eye and give me that spark of an idea. These designs to the left were a couple of the images I found that gave me the inspiration for my project. (These two are not my own work)

My next step was to sketch out my idea and begin putting it together. Here are just a few of the progress images taken while editing the photos for the cover.

Photoshop is the first Adobe program I learned, and now it's my jam!

Once I feel that I have a solid design put together, it is super important to get feedback and critique. Just a few more tweaks and we are almost there!

Now we've got a final product!

Mockups are made using Photoshop.


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